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Nick Mark

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Nick Mark is the Manager for Conservation and Renewable Energy Policy at CenterPoint Energy, Minnesota’s largest natural gas utility. He has regulatory responsibility for the company’s Conservation Improvement Program, one of the foremost natural gas energy efficiency programs in the country. His activities include setting strategic and policy priorities for the program, ensuring the program complies with all state requirements, and leading the development and submission of program plans and annual status reports. He also represents CenterPoint on policy matters related to conservation and renewable energy in Minnesota.

Nick also served on MEEA’s Board of Directors from 2015 to 2020 and led the Program Committee as Chair. During that time, Nick was a constant voice of reason and clarity, guiding the organization through challenges and opportunities alike. Nick continues to support MEEA assisting with the creation of the Utility R&D Collaborative in 2016 and being an active member of the Program Committee.

MEEA leadership thanks Nick Mark for all his contributions to the organization.

James J. Jerozal Jr., Nicor Gas

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Jim Jerozal is currently the Director of Energy Efficiency for Nicor Gas and is located at the company’s operational headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. In this position, Jim was responsible for developing the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program that began in 2011. The program provides a wide portfolio of offerings that meet the needs of all 2.2 million customers, from home audits and rebates to offerings for small and large businesses, including sophisticated engagements such as Strategic Energy Management and gas and electric CHP assistance. The portfolio also includes an emerging technology element that is quite unique to the industry. In the process of building the program, Jim has collaborated effectively on the policy front with stakeholders, regulators and other utility partners over the years, helping shape a statewide Technical Reference Manual, Policy Manual, Net to Gross methodology, and novel Market Transformation State-wide protocol and a national Market Transformation collaborative.

Prior to this post, Jim served Nicor Gas as General Manager of Environmental Health and Safety and its Regulatory Compliance Manger. Prior to Nicor Gas, Jim was Director of Technical and Business Services at the Laidlaw/Safety-Kleen Technical Business Center and was an environmental engineer and project manager for ERM-Southeast in Charleston, South Carolina. Jim holds a B.S. in Bioengineering from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Jim has more than 32 years’ experience in the energy and environmental fields.

Lauren Casentini

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Lauren Casentini is a passionate energy professional and entrepreneur who has dedicated 30+ years to energy consulting, program design and management, and policy. Her experience includes 10+ years leading energy efficiency initiatives at Pacific Gas and Electric during the early phases of energy efficiency policy development.

She brought her experience, insights and dedication to the Midwest through two companies she founded, Resource Solutions Group and now Resource Innovations. She also contributed to the Midwest’s energy efficiency framework by overseeing California and Midwest program operations and national policy for CLEAResult Consulting, the largest energy efficiency consulting company in the U.S.

Lauren remains active in influencing federal and state energy policy by serving as a speaker and panelist for energy forums and events nationwide, including for ACEEE and the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group. Lauren is also a co-founder and long-time board member of the California Efficiency and Demand Management Council.

Jon Williams

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Jon Williams’ responsibilities include the design, development and implementation of the portfolio of energy efficiency and peak demand reduction programs for all classes of customers in AEP Ohio. AEP Ohio serves 1.5 million customers in Ohio. He is also responsible for portfolio compliance activities including the evaluation, measurement and verification of program results, as well as the filing of portfolio plans and program results. He further serves as an expert witness for AEP Ohio in regulatory proceedings for energy efficiency and peak demand response. Prior to this position, Mr. Williams managed Customer Services operations in Eastern and Western Ohio for AEP Ohio and has worked in similar positions in Virginia and West Virginia. He has over 36 years of experience working with all classes of customers on energy related issues, including energy efficiency, demand response, power quality, construction, rates and contracts. Mr. Williams graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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