Lauren Casentini

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Lauren Casentini is a passionate energy professional and entrepreneur who has dedicated 30+ years to energy consulting, program design and management, and policy. Her experience includes 10+ years leading energy efficiency initiatives at Pacific Gas and Electric during the early phases of energy efficiency policy development.

She brought her experience, insights and dedication to the Midwest through two companies she founded, Resource Solutions Group and now Resource Innovations. She also contributed to the Midwest’s energy efficiency framework by overseeing California and Midwest program operations and national policy for CLEAResult Consulting, the largest energy efficiency consulting company in the U.S.

Lauren remains active in influencing federal and state energy policy by serving as a speaker and panelist for energy forums and events nationwide, including for ACEEE and the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group. Lauren is also a co-founder and long-time board member of the California Efficiency and Demand Management Council.