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Nick Mark is the Manager for Conservation and Renewable Energy Policy at CenterPoint Energy, Minnesota’s largest natural gas utility. He has regulatory responsibility for the company’s Conservation Improvement Program, one of the foremost natural gas energy efficiency programs in the country. His activities include setting strategic and policy priorities for the program, ensuring the program complies with all state requirements, and leading the development and submission of program plans and annual status reports. He also represents CenterPoint on policy matters related to conservation and renewable energy in Minnesota.

Nick also served on MEEA’s Board of Directors from 2015 to 2020 and led the Program Committee as Chair. During that time, Nick was a constant voice of reason and clarity, guiding the organization through challenges and opportunities alike. Nick continues to support MEEA assisting with the creation of the Utility R&D Collaborative in 2016 and being an active member of the Program Committee.

MEEA leadership thanks Nick Mark for all his contributions to the organization.