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A coalition of partners including Minnesota Senator D. Scott Dibble, Representative Jeremy Kalin, Sheldon Strom from Center for Energy and Environment, and Christy Brusven representing the Department of Commerce received the Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award for their coalition effort to lead the first, most comprehensive energy policy adoption in the Midwest. On May 20, 2007, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Demand Efficiency Act – among the strongest legislation of its kind in the United States. The legislation provides for aggressive goals for energy efficiency, efficiency ratemaking, research to improve programs to reduce global warming emissions and programs to save energy for low-income consumers. With the combination of the 2007 passage of a Renewable Energy Standard, the Demand Efficiency Act will reduce the projected 2025 CO2 emissions in the electric sector in Minnesota by 42%. By 2025, more energy will be saved from the efficiency bill than will be generated by a nationleading 25% Renewable Energy Standard.


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