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A statewide Leadership Award was shared by Illinois State Senator Don Harmon (Oak Park) and Ann Pramaggiore Executive Vice President at Commonwealth Edison for their leadership to gain adoption of Affordable, Clean Energy Standard (ACES) as part of a larger utility rate bill. On July 26th, the Illinois legislature passed the Illinois Power Agency Act (IPA Act), which establishes unprecedented commitments to energy efficiency resources. As a result, electric utilities in Illinois will meet an increasing portion of their load with energy efficiency resources and will help customers deal with the increasing costs of electricity. Under Senator Harmon’s leadership, the Senate unanimously passed the ACES bill which made provisions for efficiency and renewable energy resources. Harmon’s leadership on the Senate Energy and Technology Committee was critical to ensuring clean energy was a priority during the legislative session. When it came time to cut the rate deal, Pramaggiore ensured that efficiency was front and center on the table. Both Harmon and Pramaggiore understand that if consumers are to take control of their energy consumption, they need tools, resources, products, and information.


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