David Leishman, Applied Proactive Technologies, Inc.

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Dave Leishman is the President of Applied Proactive Technologies, Inc. (APT) and has served as Chair of the MEEA Program Committee for the last 3 years – dedicating hours of his own and his staff’s time to the successful development of MEEA. Dave has 21 years of marketing and management experience with more than 12 years logged in the planning, design, implementation, tracking and evaluation of Demand Side Management (DSM), Market Driven Shift and Market Transformation programs. Under Dave's leadership, APT has come to be considered one of the leading experts in market transformation programs having implemented programs targeted at promoting energy efficient clothes washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, room air conditioners, lighting products, electric motors and gas water heaters. As a board member, located outside the Midwest, Dave has exemplified the spirit of the organization through his commitment to the goals and objectives of MEEA and his investment of personal and business resources to help MEEA succeed. Whether it has been his numerous contributions on the board, including chairing committees when others would not step forward, or assisting MEEA with market studies or design assistance for our new offices, Dave has gone far beyond any expected level of performance as a board member. MEEA truly appreciates the contribution Dave has made to furthering our mission and organization.