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As part of its commitment to supporting low-income communities through the COVID-19 crisis, Greenlite has measurably expanded the reach of its Utility-Funded Food Bank Programs for Energy Efficiency, particularly in the Midwest, where Greenlite is the key partner for 10+ MEEA Members across 5 Midwest states. Greenlite’s Food Bank Programs showcase one of the ways that the Woman & Minority-Owned company has successfully made advanced technology available to income-disadvantaged consumers to save significant energy and money. With 8M ENERGY STAR products distributed in the Midwest through Food Banks in 2020, this campaign has inherent energy and cost-savings benefits for the region, and tremendous long-term benefits through the power of energy-efficiency education to hard-to-reach demographics. Greenlite’s partnerships with Food Banks including Feeding America and Second Harvest have allowed the company to work with over 10,000 organizations that serve the hunger relief industry including food shelves, food pantries, senior organization, and more. By distributing 8M ENERGY STAR LED Bulbs this year through MEEA Partner Utilities Programs, this campaign has reduced energy consumption specifically in the Midwest by 272,000,000 kWh this year alone. In addition, 65,000 Water Saving Products results in water savings of 27,690,000 kWh annually, and 276,900,000 kWh over the span of ten years.