Kim Winslow

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Kim Winslow has 25 years of experience in the utility industry and is responsible for leading the Energy Solutions team at Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L). Kim has led her team to implement energy efficiency programs under the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA), kicking off Cycle 1 in 2013. The team exceeded its MEEIA Cycle 1 goals by nearly 150 percent with KCP&L investing over $100 million by partnering with its customers on energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, offsetting future generation. The team immediately transitioned to its next three-year MEEIA cycle in early 2016 with an expanded DSM portfolio offering additional value for every customer class. In addition, Kim led her team to file a similar portfolio during the same timeframe in Kansas as the first investor-owned utility to propose programs under the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act framework. 

Kim embraces Jack Welch’s quote of “culture drives great results”. She encourages critical, creative thinking from her team to find viable, new solutions to barriers rather than adopting a business as usual approach. The team has proven innovation through its thermostat program, block bidding, and strategic energy management programs, and established a research and pilot program as a building block for future energy efficiency programs. KCP&L also successfully engaged over 20 percent of its employees in a unique campaign to mobilize employees in its DSM programs.