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Cities across the State of Iowa recognize the value of implementing energy efficiency projects both for cost savings and for environmental stewardship. The lack of available technical resources and relevant experience, however, make the understanding and prioritization of energy projects difficult. Nineteen Iowa communities have taken advantage of the expertise of a Regional Energy Manager (REM) appointed through the statewide City Energy Management Program sponsored by the Iowa Economic Development Authority with grant funds provided by the United States Department of Energy.  By using the REM resources provided by Franklin Energy, participating cities were able to reduce the portion of their city budget allocated to energy resources with plans to implement additional energy efficiency measures in upcoming fiscal years. REM support included the calculation of anticipated and achieved energy savings, detailed project specification, and assistance with utility incentive application when requested. Additional efforts in some communities included the formulation of sustainability goals, building information and maintenance databases, and city energy policies. These documents were included as part of a comprehensive and complete energy plan customized to the needs of each city.  The cities that participated in the City Energy Management Program realized real and immediate energy savings while also planning for future, measurable efficiency improvements as they continue implementation of their City Energy Action Plan.