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In an effort to transform the AEP Ohio market toward LED technology and negate declining baselines in standard lighting, AEP Ohio implemented the Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) program and saw major success in 2015 and 2016. In 2013 AEP Ohio used a robust discussion forum to introduce the idea of an ALC incentive to architects and engineers and garnered immediate interest – they were knowledgeable and eager to use the ALC technology. AEP Ohio also brought manufacturers into the discussion and they indicated the technology was readily available on shelves in Ohio. 

The ALC incentive promoted lighting system controls that were currently available but rarely used in Ohio. This initiative included testing the incentive levels and structure to ensure the cost of the incentive would be reasonable to the program and would drive participants to act. In addition, it was clear that it would be important to promote the incredibly flexible output of LED technology along with a complete controls system to contractors and AEP Ohio customers.