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In 2012, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Program Administrator for Focus on Energy Programs (CB&I) reorganized the Program into segments based on customer energy usage. Since its inception in April 2012, the Large Energy Users Program (LEUP) which serves the largest customer size class is implemented by Leidos Engineering. An eligible Large Energy User is a utility customer with more than 1 MW peak demand or 100,000 therms of gas use per month, and more than $60,000 of energy use per month.

The Large Energy Users Program includes approximately 750 manufacturers, hospitals, university campuses, and large commercial facilities, representing 1,200 facilities. About 70% of these facilities are in the industrial sector. The Program exceeded its goal of 50% participation, with 422 companies (56%) participating in 2015. This result, which is typical of LEUP’s achievement over all of its history, is largely due to having 18 customer-designated Energy Advisors and six Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) all working in partnership with each customer’s Key Utility Account Representative. These field representatives also add value by garnering market intelligence through direct customer outreach that supports the continually improving Program design of LEUP. The energy goals and budget amounts, by year, are shown in Attachment A, along with actual achievement, by year, for the years 2010-2015. The current 2016 program is on target to exceed all of its goals, as well.

In addition to supporting energy efficiency best practices, across the board, for available, commercialized technologies, Focus on Energy integrates an Emerging Technology Program (ETP) into the LEUP. This program has already fulfilled its goal of transforming six new industrial technologies from “emerging” status into “best practice” status. Most of these have been implemented at LEUP customer sites.