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MidAmerican Energy Company’s Industrial Partners program provides an exceptional level of assistance with identifying energy-saving opportunities at manufacturing facilities. The program is designed to complement the efforts of organizations seeking technical and/or financial assistance to help them reach their energy efficiency goals. The Industrial Partners program offers the right mix of financial incentives, engineering services and dedicated program staff to assist with the identification and implementation of cost-effective energy-saving opportunities.

In 2012, MidAmerican began researching barriers preventing industrial customers from participating in demand-side management programs. The outcome of that research was a re-tooled offering focusing on the value of the customer relationship. In 2014, MidAmerican enriched its industrial offering by introducing an Energy Manager feature into the delivery of the program, now known as Industrial Partners. By focusing on customer satisfaction and engagement rather than only specific efficiency goals for each customer, the Industrial Partners program has pioneered a program model for restoring industrial customer faith in DSM programs and is reinvigorating energy efficiency activity. The Energy Manager feature has provided the program the intelligence needed to tailor program delivery based on each individual customer’s wants and needs, facilitating the development of trusted relationships with customers. As a result, this led to enhanced levels of implemented projects, assisting customers in attaining their energy efficiency goals. By focusing first on developing long-term relationships, the program lays the foundation for increased participation, project implementation, and customer satisfaction.