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In 2010, Jim Jerozal began managing the energy efficiency program at Nicor Gas. Under Jim’s direction, Nicor Gas’ Energy Efficiency Program saved 37 million net therms last year, providing more savings than any other natural gas program in the country. He developed, implemented, and refined a comprehensive portfolio of program offerings, with a team of only two, in that first year. Jim’s energy efficiency team grew to 38 people and shattered their goal by more than 10 million therms through 2014.

“We had to take some risks, make smart decisions, think like a startup, and adjust rapidly, explains Jim. “That’s why it is so important to build a team, form partnerships, collaborate, and stay on the same page with everyone all the time.”

Collaboration between utility companies is rare; however five of Nicor Gas’ programs are integrated with ComEd to make energy efficiency as streamlined and accessible for customers as possible. Nicor Gas invested more than $165 million to implement 13 energy efficiency programs over the course of three years. The investment in these programs will help customers save 670 million therms over the life of the installed measures.

“To put this in perspective,” says Randy Gunn, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting, “These savings lower annual carbon emissions by amounts equivalent to removing 50,000 cars from the road in one year, eliminating household emissions for a city the size of St. Charles, Illinois, or planting six million trees.”


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