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Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program Wins Award for Simplifying Complicated Furnaces to Achieve Energy Savings

CHICAGO – Nicor Gas’ “What’s in the Box?” campaign received the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (MEEA) 2015 Inspiring Efficiency Education Award.

The Nicor Gas Home Energy Efficiency Program created the campaign to educate home-owners about the operation of their existing natural gas furnace, the benefits of making high-efficiency upgrades, and ways to take advantage of available rebates.

“What’s in the Box?” simplified the sometimes complicated topic of energy efficiency by using digital infographics, an animated video, and an online quiz. Customers who completed the quiz received a free Nicor Gas energy savings kit.

The campaign’s educational resources proved entertaining and engaging. An impressive 90 percent of viewers watched the “What’s in the Box?” video through the end. Of those viewers, 45 percent completed the quiz and received a free kit. Nicor Gas’ Energy Efficiency program attracted more than 20,000 unique visitors to its website.

Partnering with trade allies was essential to the success of the campaign,” said Meena Beyers, Director of Marketing and Communications, Energy Efficiency Program at Nicor Gas. “Trade allies have a clear understanding of the market, are extremely knowledgeable about customers and their perspectives, and provide technical insight when the campaign focuses on equipment and processes.”

Participation in Nicor Gas’ Home Rebate Program more than doubled when compared to the same time period the year before. Furnace rebate applications alone increased 137 percent. More than 1,768,000 gross therms of natural gas were saved from new furnace installations.

“This program encouraged customer engagement unseen by other educational efforts,” said Stacey Paradis, MEEA interim executive director. “MEEA is proud to recognize Nicor Gas for its unique approach to educating customers with the “What’s in the Box?” campaign.”

Bestowed annually at the Midwest Energy Solutions Conference (, MEEA’s Inspiring Efficiency Education Award is presented to an organization that has, through effective education, increased the adoption of energy efficient practices in the Midwest region.


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