Cheryl Roberto

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Cheryl Roberto is a commissioner at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Her recent work to promote Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and other energy efficiency measures in Ohio has distinguished her as a prominent leader in energy efficiency policy in the Midwest region, as well as across the nation. She is passionate about promoting cost-effective energy efficiency because of its economic and environmental benefits. Commissioner Roberto is currently the lead Commissioner for the PUCO/DOE Pilot Program for Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance. She led the PUCO resolution in support of this effort. She also is coordinating the PUCO’s workshop series, including the March 2012 kickoff workshop that convened industrial companies, energy experts, and state-level policymakers to discuss the role of CHP technology in complying with upcoming federal boiler standards. The CHP pilot program in Ohio is an important precedent that recognizes the potential for U.S. industry to raise its energy productivity while improving the health of workers and surrounding communities. Due to Commissioner Roberto’s leadership with the CHP Pilot Program, other states in the Midwest have shown interest in adopting similar programs.