Energy Center of Wisconsin

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Energy Center of Wisconsin's use of rich media - a powerful combination of video, PowerPoint and interactive tools such as online polls and live Q&A - to connect participants to its popular continuing education programs has earned the 2011 Inspiring Efficiency Education Award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). The Energy Center's new approach breaks through traditional training barriers such as cost, time and travel constraints to deliver quality training to continuing education participants from around the world at substantially lower costs. Additionally, Energy Center of Wisconsin is the only entity in the energy efficiency arena offering online education as a live event in streaming rich media format. The Center, which already had a reputation with its member utilities for high-quality classroom training, began offering online distance learning in 2007. After trying various approaches to online training - including self-guided courses, text-heavy webinars, and pre-recorded classroom events - the Energy Center knew it had sparked something when it offered its first live rich media program.


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