Interstate Power & Light Company, an Alliant Energy Company

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Bold steps turn disastrous flood into opportunities for rebuilding “green” with utility incentives. Interstate Power & Light Company (IPL), which supplies electric service in three Midwestern states, was at the epicenter when the Cedar River rose over 19 feet above flood stage, covering more than 10 square miles of Cedar Rapids, IA. The damage was catastrophic and thousands of Iowans faced the task of rebuilding their homes. IPL recognized that homeowners were in a unique situation because of the flood requiring replacement of multiple appliances, systems and other pieces of equipment at one time. In response, the utility used this opportunity to encourage consumers to install more energy efficient products in their homes. IPL launched a post-flood rebate program centered on helping its customers rebuild green at a time when the utility could reasonably be expected to focus primarily on its own infrastructure. In addition to saving energy and money, replacing equipment lost in the flood with more energy efficient equipment is the greenhouse gas reduction equivalent of taking more than 200 cars off the road for an entire year.


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