Commonwealth Edison and Chicago Urban League

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First-of-its-kind program, integrating energy efficiency consumer education with first-time home buyer money management training. This partnership between ComEd, which provides electric service in Northern Illinois, and the Chicago Urban League, grew out of the Urban League’s economic empowerment agenda called projectNEXT. ComEd designed an energy efficiency curriculum for the Urban League’s First-Time Homebuyers program that provides information on commercial products, home improvements, and energy usage practices that can improve home energy efficiency and reduce monthly utility bills, including low and no-cost options. Program participants also learned how to apply for fuel assistance, weatherization services and free/discounted energy saving products. Participants who successfully completed the class and purchased their first home were entered into the ComEd Energy Efficiency Home Makeover contest. Winners received free home energy efficiency makeovers courtesy of ComEd, which were documented and widely televised, further raising energy efficiency awareness and education.


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