Rochester Public Utilities

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Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) won the Inspiring Efficiency MARKETING Award for developing a Commercial Communications Plan to maximize commercial customers’ participation in efficiency programs. RPU’s commercial customers are the biggest users of energy and surpassed the utility’s energy savings goals in 2006 and 2007. The plan’s goal is to guide customers to install energy efficient equipment and appliances and take advantage of existing efficiency programs. This promotes both the Conserve & Save rebate program, which includes rebates for high efficiency equipment and appliances (e.g. Energy Star® appliances, lighting, HVAC) and the Partnering in Energy Solutions program. The primary purpose of Partnering in Energy Solutions is to provide commercial customers with expert help in managing their energy use. Advertising methods include paper and digital billboards, TV ads, radio ads, web site banner ads, newspaper ads, utility newsletters, bill inserts, and educational opportunities. Included in all of these methods were customer testimonials. RPU also partnered with the local gas utility, Minnesota Energy Resources, on many of these efforts.


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