Robert L. Cowles, Wisconsin State Senate

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Robert L. Cowles, Wisconsin State Senator representing the second Senate district, received the Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award for his 24 years of public service and dedication to energy efficiency culminating in landmark legislation to preserve Wisconsin's commitment to energy efficiency and ensure a balanced energy portfolio for the future. Due in large part to Senator Cowles tireless efforts, Wisconsin Energy Act 141 passed the Wisconsin Senate 32-1 and the Assembly 94-0 in early 2006 despite early, widespread opinion which gave the legislation less than a ten percent chance of acceptance. Based on a recently commissioned study of the achievable potential for energy efficiency and renewable energy in Wisconsin, Energy Act 141 will deliver approximately 50 megawatts of reduced energy demand. It is estimated that the energy saved from Energy Act 141 will defer the building of one average-sized power plant and save the amount of gas used by 40,000 homes.