Governor Jennifer Granholm, State of Michigan

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Governor Granholm will be honored for implementing several innovative energy policies that reduced the state of Michigan’s energy consumption. After taking office in January 2003, Governor Granholm issued, through the Department of Management and Budget, the Power Down Policy which required all state facilities to close from 9pm until 6am on weekdays and from 9pm on Friday to 6am on Monday. This policy directed employees to turn off computers and other appliances before leaving at the end of the day, and it is being used as a model for all state agencies. Continuing her leadership, Governor Granholm has initiated the EDGE 2 effort, which seeks to improve resource sustainability programming and develop a heightened focus on maintaining and generating additional clean ­technology manufacturing. EDGE 2 also produced Executive Directive 2005­4, which calls for a reduction of power consumption by 10% in all state facilities by December 2008. It requires, among other things, improvements in the state’s automotive fleet and modifying purchasing policies to encourage efficiency. These include purchasing hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles when cost­ effective and appropriate and utilizing biodiesel when available. Governor Granholm has also taken leadership in improving the energy efficiency of new homes in Michigan. The newly updated Michigan Uniform Energy Code (MUEC) brings Michigan in line with 31 other states that have adopted more effective energy codes. It is conservatively estimated that the code will save the average new homeowner $374 per year in reduced energy bills.