Center for Technology Transfer, Inc.

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The Center for Technology Transfer (CTT) is a non­profit organization created by the Focus on Energy program to increase the number of Wisconsin companies that market emerging technologies to improve the energy efficiency of the state’s important business groups. Its commercialization assistance is targeted at the unique market barriers, such as marketing, risk-­return or value propositions to the user, which each emerging energy technology faces in its commercialization path. CTT’s shared risk-­reward investment model improves its commercialization success ratio and allows the funds from successful investments to be recycled for the next generation of entrepreneurs. To date, CTT has placed five investments for a total of $1.25 million. The ten-­year value from four CTT projects will deliver $16.4 million in energy savings. These energy savings make Wisconsin’s industries more competitive on an international level and lead to fewer emissions from power plants, at the same time providing jobs and income within the state.